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Starbright School offers an outstanding kindergarten program with a carefully developed and well structured academic curriculum.

Our program far surpasses all California State mandated criteria for kindergarten education. Our kindergarten program builds on the knowledge children acquire at Starbright preschool, exploring more complex concepts in math, and improving their reading, writing and vocabulary. Teachers use simple science experiments to introduce students to the process of scientific inquiry. Students discover more about nature, observe plants and discuss seasons and weather. Basic geography and history are introduced at the kindergarten level.


Through story time, reading and class discussions, students discover about the world today and the world long ago, about different countries and cultures. They listen to inspirational stories of heroism and justice, leadership, kindness and individual responsibility. History of the United States comes to life as our kindergarteners study historical figures, national holidays and the reasons those days are honored. During Music Appreciation time, students progress to learn longer and more advanced songs and dances. Every day exciting new topics are introduced and discussed in a warm and supportive classroom atmosphere. Students learn to listen, to ask questions, take initiative and persist when tasks are more complex.


Teachers track each child’s advancement throughout the year, and give individual help in areas that need improvement. Detailed kindergarten semester progress reports are completed for each student, so parents can see how their child is doing in each subject and category.


Students graduating from the Starbright Kindergarten Program easily pass any entrance exam for private or public schools, and start first grade with confidence, desire and ability to learn.

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