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In addition to our standard daily activities, Starbright offers an incredible array of onsite Enrichment Programs that parents can choose for their children to enhance skills and understanding in specific subjects.

While optional, these Enrichment Programs are integrated and coordinated with the base curriculum. Children can further their knowledge and cognitive development by taking Math, Science or History classes. Foreign Language classes improve child’s thinking skills and expose them to other cultures. In Art Studio, children learn the basics of drawing with chalk and painting on silk, sculpting in clay and creating watercolor illustrations to favorite fairy tales. Dance classes, as well as Gymnastics, promote better coordination, rhythm, increased agility and stamina. Choir introduces children to various styles of music, while also boosting memory, diction, articulation and musicality. Our famous Musical Theater program introduces children to the magic of live theater, and develops not only artistic and public speaking skills, but also discipline, commitment and self-confidence.

All Enrichment Programs take place on campus, saving parents the time and hassle of driving children to different extracurricular activities.



The study of math expands a child’s ability to make sense of complex details, develops logical thinking and abstract reasoning.

Building upon the foundations of math that students learn in our daily curriculum, this class introduces more advanced math concepts, and focuses on logic and word problems, recognition and completion of patterns, fractions and equations. The study of math expands a child’s ability to make sense of complex details, develops logical thinking and abstract reasoning. Early math skills aid a child’s analytical advancement and cognitive development, allowing them to excel at many math and science subjects during their later school years.




The goal of this class is for students to develop a rich, interconnected knowledge base about the world around them.

This class offers exciting and educational activities which will introduce children to basic scientific concepts and prompt them to explore and question the world around them. Engaging hands-on experiments will help students see the connection between scientific principles and their own experiences, and demonstrate how science is a part of everyday life.


Enrichment LEGO v01.png


LEGO Engineering class at Starbright School uses motorized LEGO models to introduce STEM concepts to young minds!

Level 1: Ages 3-4
60 minutes once per week

Level 2: Ages 5+
75 minutes once per week



In this class students are introduced to various styles of dance, including ballet, ballroom, contemporary and jazz.


The class develops rhythm, coordination and motor skills, while increasing flexibility and overall fitness.

Dance allows children to express their uniqueness through movement, explore emerging talents and build self-esteem. Children discover the joy of dance in a playful and supportive atmosphere. All dance groups will perform in front of a live audience during our Annual Dance & Choir Concert.


Art Studio


This class is designed to awaken children’s artistic abilities and introduce art appreciation.

Using pencils, chalks and watercolors, students will work on still life, portraits and illustrations of favorite fairy tales.

Guided by the famous artist Natasha Foucault, children paint on silk, create collages, and sculpt in clay. Different techniques introduced in this class enlarge student’s visual vocabularies, enrich their imaginations and develop awareness, appreciation and sensitivity for the visual world around them.


Musical Theater


This class introduces children to the magic of live theater and the excitement of staging a play.


Students learn the basics of acting, singing and dancing, while gaining an appreciation for performing arts. Participation in a large production also teaches teamwork, discipline, commitment and makes children comfortable with public speaking.

This class develops memory, self-confidence, movement and language skills. Several age appropriate productions are staged each year to showcase our young actors’ talents and growing skills.



This class introduces children to classical and modern music and fosters a sense of musical exploration.

Singing allows children to express themselves in a unique way through melody and rhythm, and improves diction, articulation and musicality. Students are guided to discover their talents in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

All Choir groups will perform in front of a live audience during our Annual Dance & Choir Concert. This experience helps children become more artistic, outgoing and confident.




This class focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics and movement.

Participation in gymnastics enhances a child’s ability in any sport by developing strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. All activities take place in a physically and emotionally safe environment that is fun and supportive.

Children with a high level of physical activity tend to remain physically active throughout their lives. Starting early creates a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.




This class is a high-energy program which focuses on the basics of soccer, fitness, and sportsmanship. Guided by experienced coaches, students will learn not only the fundamental principles of the sport, but also character traits such as teamwork, encouragement, and respect.The program includes energetic, all-inclusive games that teach children the basics of playing on a team.


Speech Therapy


Russian Language Class is not just about grammar, vocabulary, and the development of written and verbal skills. This class is also about the immersion into the culture associated with the language, and its rich heritage of fairy tales, riddles, poems and books.



One-on-one sessions with Speech Therapist Irina Shapiro can help fix a variety of speech disorders, such as articulation problems, stuttering and swallowing disorders. Addressing speech disorders early allows children to feel more confident and capable. Irina Shapiro holds an SLP License from CA Medical Board and Certificate of Clinical Competence from American Speech-Hearing Association. Her area of special interest is second language acquisition by children and adults.

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