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Normal attention span for preschool age children is 20-30 minutes.

To better their learning and keep up their interest, our schedule is comprised of 20-30 minute blocks, which allows our students to focus, without getting bored. Read on to find out about the activities that make up a Starbright day.

Learning Games


During early childhood, the brain is at the best possible position to take unlimited amounts of information and imprint it with ease.

Children are curious about everything and are naturally eager to learn. It is critically important to nurture a love for learning in a young child, while attitudes towards learning are just being formed. At Starbright, learning is fun. Children learn best through educational games, which teach them new skills with a happy, comfortable and fun approach. Through guided play with puzzles, pictures pegs, building sets, and matching games, children learn numbers, colors, shapes, letters, and develop logical thinking. Individual approach and gentle encouragement is used by the teachers to awaken and sustain enthusiasm for learning within each child.

Educational Toys


Playtime is important for the healthy growth and development of children.

As children play, they learn to solve problems, to get along with others, and to develop fine and gross motor skills needed to enhance and master living skills. Both solitary and social play is necessary for a child's development.

A child can play with a building toy independently, thus developing self-sufficiency and persistence. Playing with the same toy in a group, the child acquires social skills such as sharing and cooperation. Each Starbright classroom is filled with well designed, durable educational toys from all over the world.

Story Time


Books allow us to travel, to dream, to imagine.

During story time, our students sit in a circle, listening as the teacher takes them along on an exciting new journey of imagination and discovery. After the reading is done, teachers ask students questions about the story, prompting engaging group discussions. For young children, Story Time is an important first step towards developing a life-long love of reading, while also learning patience and improving their vocabulary. Each Starbright classroom has a large collection of age appropriate books that children can also explore on their own.

Arts and Crafts


All children are artists.

Paper flowers, character masks, geometric puzzles, three dimensional collages, string and pasta masterpieces – these and many other fun projects help our students become familiar with colors and textures, develop their creativity and allow them to express themselves through art. While working with paper, glue, paints, clay and fabrics, our young artists also improve their fine motor skills and develop attention to detail. By indulging in art and craft, children learn to express themselves in actions. The other major benefit is a positive sense of achievement and satisfaction. Children feel proud of the things they have completed themselves. A finished art piece is a great confidence booster!



Children love music.

Music has the power to soothe and calm a child or elicit joy and giddy merriment. However, studies show that the long term effects of music in a child’s life go much deeper. Children who are actively involved in music typically do better in reading and in math, are better able to focus and to control their bodies, play better with others and have higher self esteems. At Starbright we integrate music across the curriculum. Every day includes music appreciation time. During music appreciation children listen to new songs and melodies, learn to hear the beat and try fun new dances. Musical part of the day takes places in our spacious multi-purpose room, to the sounds of a live piano. To show off what they learned throughout the year, each group performs for their parents during the Mother’s Day Recitals in the spring.

Outdoor Playtime


To grow healthy and strong, children need to play outdoors daily.

Outdoor playtime is all around beneficial – it aids muscle growth and development, increases heart health, and promotes healthy weight. It is also important for a child’s mental health and development of social skills. Starbright’s spacious playgrounds are equipped with child-safe gym sets, playhouses, slides, bikes, play cars, and a variety of other toys that promote gross motor development, physical activity and creative role play.  Our outdoor play areas feature state-of-the-art soft ground cover for a safe and consistently clean environment. Teachers facilitate play and learning while also ensuring children’s safety.



Good nutrition is essential to children’s physical and cognitive development.

With nutritious soups, tasty main dishes, seasonal produce, healthy snacks and scrumptious mini-pancakes, Starbright menu is carefully planned to provide enjoyable and balanced nutrition. Each Starbright campus has an onsite kitchen and a full-time chef. Daily, our chefs prepare four wholesome and delicious meals. Teachers take students to the Dining Hall for each meal time.

Meals are provided to our students at no additional cost.



Young children need naps to grow and to replenish their strength.

During nap time at Starbright, we create a perfect atmosphere to help your child relax and fall asleep. Changed into their pajamas, children sleep in their individual comfortable beds, complete with sheets, pillows and blankets. Soft classical music plays in the background creating a soothing environment for peaceful, happy dreams.

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