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Alla Ushomirsky has been a teacher her whole life.

Her dream of founding her own school was realized in 1992, when together with her husband, she started a small preschool and began the first school year with just 6 students.  Thus, her dreams took shape, and Starbright School was born.

The San Jose preschool was instantly recognized as a very special place - a unique place of care and learning, a wonderful place of child laughter and joy, a place where children were happy.  News of a school like no other spread throughout the community and though the capacity increased to 14 students by the second year, the waiting list continued to grow at an extraordinary rate.

By 1998 there were over a hundred children on the waiting list and Alla knew that it was time for Starbright to grow.  After a careful search, a suitable building was discovered, and the remodeling project began. 

It was the year 2000, and on Independence Day the beautiful and spacious new facility on Albany Drive in San Jose welcomed students into the sun-filled classrooms.  While everything around was new, all the important things stayed exactly the same:  Starbright School was and continues to be renowned for Alla's exceptional approach to early childhood education.  Remarkable teachers, loving atmosphere, scrumptious food, fabulous toys and plentiful books continue to set Starbright apart.

As the waiting list continued to grow, in 2005 Starbright opened its second campus in Campbell. Spacious and bright, this campus also allowed another dream to become reality: Starbright Theater! Equipped with professional sound and lighting, Starbright Theater hosts more than 20 performances throughout the year – including Annual Dance & Choir Concert and Musical Theater productions.

In 2017 Starbright School celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Starbright can presently accommodate up to 90 students at the San Jose campus and up to 150 students at the Campbell campus.

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