• My kids Andre and Sofia attended Starbright School for almost 3 years. Tomorrow is our last day :-( Thank you very much for wonderful memories and great experiences. Words can not describe how happy we were with all our teachers and how sad we going to be leaving your school. It really is the Best school in the Bay Area!!!

    Elina Kalberer, Parent

  • We love this school! Our oldest son graduated from Starbright and we now have our youngest there. The curriculum, the teachers and the programs the kids put on are incredible. It will be a very sad day for me when my youngest graduates.

    Pari Pham, Parent

  • Starbright - you are such an interesting place to be and I wish that you guys will run forever and ever. I had my best moments at Starbright and I recommend it to everyone. If you want your child to be the best of the best then go to Starbright! Thank you for everything!

    Anastasia Oleinikova, Starbright Student

  • What a great school! Thank you Alla, Igor, and all the faculty from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful job you do enriching our children's lives!!! Our daughter attended for 3 years, and we can't wait when our son will start attending in 2012! :)

    Julia Babayants, Parent

  • Thank you dear Starbright teachers and staff for all your hard work putting together a great [theater] production! It was Sasha's first musical theater performance and was as much joy for her to perform as for us to watch! She still asks me nearly every day when she is going to [be in a] play again :)

    Maria Sokolova, Parent

  • I have very good grades in math because of the curriculum at Starbright! Thank you to the math teacher...and thank you to the dance teacher for teaching me how to dance...and thank you to Inna the group six teacher for supporting us... This place is the best of all places! We all love you guys!

    Stacy Dzilno, Starbright Student