Great teachers are engaging.

They know and love the subjects they teach, have great enthusiasm, patience, and a caring, kind heart. They have the knowledge of discipline, classroom management techniques and a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of young people. Most importantly, teachers bear the responsibility of shaping their students’ attitudes towards learning – attitudes that will last a lifetime.

At Starbright, we take great care to find and retain the best teachers to inspire and nurture our students. All Starbright teachers have bachelor or graduate degrees from major universities. Most of our teachers have been educated in Europe. We pride ourselves on having a very cohesive, dedicated faculty, with very low turnover rates. Many of our teachers have been with Starbright for over 10 years.

Starbright places two fully-qualified teachers in each class of 16-18 children. This low student to teacher ratio creates a classroom environment where each child receives plenty of personal attention.